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Our Bucks

Polled Nigerian Dwarf Diary Goat

Buzz 'n Billy Belavitano 

Registered Nigerian Dwarf D158776

Born March 15th 2019

deep red coat, white splashing on midsection, white star, frosted ears, blue eyes, comes from a great dairy line.

Breeding Farmstock

Buzz 'n Billy Nicasio Reseve 

Registered Nigerian Dwarf D159015

Born March 10th, 2021

Red chamoise with white splashing on sides, star and brown eyes. Produces large, long legged, overly friendly kids with gorgeous colours and patterns

Breeding Farmstock

Buzz 'n Billy Winchester 

Registered Nigerian Dwarf D160578

Born February 22nd, 2021

Buckskin with white star, White Tail, blue eyes and frosted ears and muzzle. Produces friendly kids with long legs

Breeding Farmstock

Horned Nigerian Dwarf Diary Goat

Country Magic Juniper

Registered Nigerian Dwarf D130524

Born May 30th 2013

Cou clair, white splashing throughout, blue eyes

Breeding Farmstock

Happy Hoof Acres Piper

Registered Nigerian Dwarf D142240

Born April 4th 2016

Red Coat, brown eyes

Breeding Farmstock

Mini/Teacup Nigerian Dwarf Diary Goat

Buzz 'n Billy Copper Bullet

Registered Nigerian Dwarf D159061

Born February 15th 2020

Proven Buck

Height: 18.5 Inches

Length: 25 Inches

Brown/ Orange Chamoisee, belted , blue eyes, white patch on back right leg, comes from a good dairy line.

Breeding Farmstock 

Buzz n Billy Ironwood

Born March 2nd, 2022

Registered D164158

Dam- Buzz 'n Billy Darlin' Sofia

Sire- Buzz 'n Billy Buxton Blue

Beautiful black and white coat with blue eyes and wattles. Comes from a mini line, sweet gentle personality.

Buzz n Billy Mountain Ash

Born March 8th, 2022

Registered D163859

Dam- Buzz n Billy Della Valtellina

Sire- Buzz n Billy Buxton Blue

Upcoming breeding farmstock

Our Kingshires

Buzz 'n Billy Duke

Unregistered Nigerian Dwarf (Wethered)

Born July 20th 2015

Dark brown coat with star with blue eyes

Head Kingshire


Buzz 'n Billy Buzzy Boy 

Registered Nigerian Dwarf (Wethered) D163838

Born February 15th 2022

Black Coat, white patches on midsection, brown eyes and wattles

Kingshire in Training


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